Auctions 4 Deeds
a marketplace for real estate auctions.

Every day, all over the country, property is sold in real estate auctions for pennies on the dollar. Many of these listings go unnoticed by potential investors — we are here to change that. ABW Auction LLC started auction4deeds.com as an initiative to bring buyers and sellers of real estate property together with as little friction as possible. 

Auction4deeds.com is for buyers—

We source listings from all over the United States for real estate auctions, pay the taxes, and compile together in one list – in one place – for all potential buyers. If you’ve ever been to a real estate auctions you know finding and buying is a tedious process: find a listing, coordinate times between auctions, get to the location, and on and on. Add in sifting through listings, and this becomes a terribly tiring process. We at ABW Auctions have streamlined this process and taken care of the footwork for you! The buyer can come here to auction4deeds.com and only do 1 thing: Buy! Let us handle the rest. 

Auction4deeds.com is for sellers—

ABW Auctions LLC (auction4deeds.com) is building this platform for our sellers. Imagine no up-front fees for listing your property. Add in our platform of thousands of potential buyers each month, all transaction details sorted and ready to go, and you (the seller) can get back to what you do best: finding property. Let us manage the transactions and bring you the highest quality investors looking for what you have to sell. Pay only if your listing sells. List with confidence on ABW Auctions LLC’s auction4deeds.com and watch the bids fly!